Nextyn ― Revolutionising the Traditional Consulting Industry


An entrepreneur trying to disrupt the traditional consulting industry, meet Rasesh Seth, the Founder of Nextyn. Started in January 2018, Rasesh launched a platform that gives some of the leading Fortune 500 companies access to knowledge and expertise through a virtual panel of thousands of industry leading experts. The aim of the platform is to aid decision making and enable companies, including some of the fastest growing start-ups, take strategic decisions at a more rapid pace. Currently, Nextyn has clients in over 10 countries and experts from across 70 geographies, globally.

A resident of Mumbai, who is currently based out of the UK, Rasesh has built high performing teams to grow the company’s international presence, with over a Million Dollars of revenues coming from overseas. A Masters’ graduate from the University of Bath, UK, Rasesh has spent over 10 years of his career in Consulting having worked with Grant Thornton in the past.

Rasesh is a passionate serial entrepreneur whose experience in the internet domain spans both product and business. He is on his way to disrupt the consulting industry, making “on-demand” knowledge and expertise accessible to some of the fast growing companies, globally.


  • Tell us about Nextyn

Nextyn is an expert network and a global community of professional leaders, entrepreneurs and subject matter experts consulting corporates, industrials, investment firms, government & non-governmental organizations on topics that steer strategic decisions. At Nextyn, we specialize in organizing micro-consulting calls (60 minutes) between our panel of experts and our client, that span 30+ industries and 20+ geographies.

  • Can you give us an overview of the Micro-Consulting Industry in India?

The micro-consulting industry in India is still at a nascent stage, but has grown rapidly over the last 2 years at an approximate of 15% per y-o-y. Globally, the industry is sized at $1.5 Bn in 2020, and Covid had very little impact on the growth of it. In fact, in some developing countries like India, Covid expedited the growth of the micro-consulting industry, taking most consulting activities online, which created a market for Expert Networks.

  • What kind of technology is Nextyn using to disrupt the traditional consulting industry?

At Nextyn, we’ve built the first in-house project management platform, where our clients from across the globe can submit projects, match with experts and schedule such consulting calls on the go. We use a proprietary machine learning algorithm to enable enhanced matching, which saves our clients and our in-house team of consultants about 12 hours on an average.

The technology is built to understand client requirements, and match them to experts on our platform. It is also capable of scanning the web to identify thought leaders on the topic and bring such potential experts to the notice of our internal team of analysts and consultants.

Nextyn is also the only company in India to launch a mobile application for the end to end project management of all micro-consulting assignments. The application is an exclusive one, built for our global clients and the admin team of Nextyn.

  • How is technology saving time and dollars for some of the fastest-growing global companies? What is the role of Nextyn in the same?

Based on our initial internal analysis, clients save an approximate of 12 hours on executing any project. Each hour is approximately equal to $1000 in time plus opportunity costs. Being quicker and more efficient than other Expert Networks in the market, this gives Nextyn an advantage to compete with some of the larger players in the arena.

  • Tell us about your ML matching technology?

Nextyn’s proprietary ML algorithm matches experts to consulting projects more efficiently and within a matter of a second. This gives clients the options to gain access to some of the brightest minds, in the shortest possible duration. Unlike other Expert Networks, at Nextyn, we do not only depend on a dated panel of experts, but our technology enables us to identify subject experts and custom recruit them for our clients.

  • Future plans for Nextyn – where do you see yourself in the next 5 years.

In the immediate future, i.e. 2022 – Nextyn plans on opening offices in the UK, USA and Singapore to expands its International presence and provide our clients with a more personalized/localised experience. The eventual plans would be to build technology and a world class organization based out of India, to service each and every part of the globe. It would make processes more efficient, cost effective and our technology would make our services accessible to clients in every country.


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